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It begins on Earth. Belly was born Belinda Muzik (meaning beautiful music), the daughter of two musicians in a pop band led by the #1 pop star on the charts called Mastermoll. But he didn’t become #1 from just musical talent. He was helped by a witch named Molly who performed spells for him so that he could bewitch his audience. Then one day Molly looked into her crystal ball (the faceted kind) and saw Mastermoll’s future. The image in the crystal foretold that when Belly reached the age of 12 her talent would blossom into awesome musical prowess that would eclipse Mastermoll. She would start a band that would shoot to the top of the charts and Mastermoll’s fame and fortune would vanish. Enraged at the thought, Mastermoll ordered Molly to banish Belly and her parents into her crystal ball. But before Molly could cast her spell on them, Probafoo—a scientist who was Molly’s teacher before she gave up science for the dark arts of magic—learned of her plot and tried to stop her. A battle of science versus magic ensued between them. Probafoo could not stop Molly from casting her spell. But in the instant before they were sucked into the crystal ball, Probafoo used his latest invention—A 3-DIMENSINAL SONG PROJECTOR—to turn a song that Mr. & Mrs. Muzik wrote for their daughter into a parallel world. As her parents were sucked into the crystal ball, baby Belly tumbled through a glowing triangle that took her to the world created from the music and lyrics of her parent’s song. The world of DABA DIBA DUBA LAND. 

When Belly arrived in DABA DIBA DUBA LAND as an infant she was adopted by Queen Melofoo and King Danbofoo who raised her as their daughter.


Twelve years later, Belly is a grown girl living in the magical, musical, animated land of Daba Diba Duba Land. Molly’s vision was correct; Belly’s musical talent had blossomed. And back in the real world, #1 pop star Mastermoll has fallen to the bottom of the charts, his musical prowess gone. When a distraught Mastermoll pleads for help, Molly tells him that the only way he can regain his fame and fortune is if they go to DDDL and drain it of its musical energy which she will magically cast into Mastermoll. Out of his mind with rage, he orders Molly to take them into DDDL so that he can not only get its musical energy but destroy it and Molly. 

When Mastermoll and Molly appear in DDDL, Probafoo reveals the truth to Belly: that he created DDDL from her parent’s song. He explains that DDDL is connected to the real world via the crystal, and that what happens in DDDL can affect what happens on Earth, and vice versa. He further explains that Molly’s magic is strong and that the only thing powerful enough to thwart her spells is music performed by the children of Earth which he can bring to DDDL when needed via his time-space portal. Now, Bellyfoo is determined to stop Mastermoll and Molly, save DDDL from Mastermoll’s evil schemes and someday find her parents.


The above could make a great beginning for your live-action feature. We can also show flashbacks of much of this backstory material throughout the series as Belly learns more about her parents’ past. 

Miss Bellyfoo…

Miss Bellyfoo‘s origin is a big mystery. Nobody knows exactly from where and how she came to Daba Diba Duba Land (or at least not yet …). What we do know, however, is that she lived in the ‘real’ world as a child. Furthermore, she is the only one in the whole kingdom who has the ability to travel between Daba Diba Duba Land and the ‘real’ world using her faculty to find highly musically talented children, who can help to maintain the harmony and stability in the magical world of Daba Diba Duba Land, which is vital for all its inhabitants.

Miss Bellyfoo and Probafoo have a unique relationship; the professor has been her mentor from the beginning, helping her to develop her love of music, singing and dancing. Miss Bellyfoo‘s mission is to help Daba Diba Duba Land survive as a happy and magical world with the support of her friends. Her secret enemy is the villain Mastermoll and his henchmen, who are up to no good and who always try to sabotage her and the weekly concerts.

Miss Bellyfoo lives with Probafoo in his laboratory, but in her own room. She is about 12 years old and loves everything that has to do with music, singing and dancing. A mixture between James Bond and Pippi Longstocking. She is extraordinary, sophisticated, cheeky and very smart. Miss Bellyfoo is the only one who can travel between the ‘real’ world and Daba Diba Duba Land.

She has special tools – like James Bond 007, only child-friendly, e.g. special chewing gum or tele-spheres (-balls), that she throws on the floor creating a pink portal, where the children come into DDDL. A magic tele-pen, where she can draw something in the ‘real’ world and a portal opens to travel to DDDL.
She has special glasses. When she puts them on and travels to earth, she can see the child‘s talent, even without Probafoo‘s help. She can run and jump superfast with her special sneakers.
Miss Bellyfoo has 2 outfits: a normal and casual one which she wears when she is with her friends in DDDL. But when she travels to earth, she presses her belt buckle and her outfit transforms into a kind of flight suit. She has various gadgets so she can return from the ‘real’ world to DDDL with the selected talented child.

She sometimes speaks ‘Dubayan’, in the end always a foo, so always after you, da, the, de … foo like: … you have to be very, very careful“ or …have youfoo time to go with me dofoo?“(other words: foo-tastic, foo-licious, foo-believable, foo-darnit) We never really included it before, because we don‘t know if it works in the different languages – therefore still in experimental phase / open to suggestions)


DJ-foo is a gifted DJ, but unfortunately he is comp letely untalented in regards to singing or playing musical instruments. He is Miss Bellyfoo‘s loyal friend and helper. He is responsible for all musical activities in Daba Diba Duba Land. He has a secret crush on Miss Bellyfoo, but she has friend-zoned him and sees him more as a brother. DJ-foo is about 12 years old and lives very neatly and tidy in his little apartment above the bay in the hills inside the Old Microphone House (but not in the Upper Octave Hills, like Dibafoo). His house is like a loft/club and has a terrace from where he watches the weekly concert and does cool mixes with his Hi-Tech mixing console. DJ-foo is not very brave, more a kind of anti-hero. He also lives a little bit like in the 70‘s, where Funk and Soul music was really cool and ‘fooky’.

Always carries his microphone with many connectors and headphones with him.

Headphones, jeans with T-shirt and sneakers. Very casual, but always clean and hip.

He sometimes moves like John Travolta in ‘Saturday Night Fever’, because he once watched this film.


Dibafoo is Bigfoo‘s daughter and Miss Bellyfoo‘s closest friend. She is a lovely young lady with a great passion for everything that is trendy and fashionable. Fortunately, she has a rich father who spoils her all the time. She has a good heart and is always there for her friends whenever help is needed. Her grandfather, who is never seen, has a museum, where many things from the past are hidden.

She only inherited the museum from her grandfather, where she sometimes takes objects out in order to help others. Wobafoo is her pet and faithful companion in all situations of life.

Always the latest fashion trend.

Very high and sometimes an overbearing voice, characterized by a slight lisp.


Probafoo is slightly eccentric, a genius and incredibly smart. He is Miss Bellyfoo‘s mentor and step-grandfather. He is responsible for all technical and magical things. He keeps all new technologies up to date, thus contributing to keeping Daba Diba Duba Land a happy place. Probafoo is the eternal bachelor, who has fully dedicated his life to his work. He has locked himself up in his crazy laboratory, which is located in the musical lighthouse overlooking the bay. He doesn‘t go out very often and since Miss Bellyfoo came into his life, he treats her like the granddaughter he never had. Probafoo is also like Daniel Jet Propulsion or like Q from James Bond. Suspicious, meticulous, that‘s how his whole private life functions or has been so far; rarely centered, always something wrong. He is responsible for all the technology and invents new musical instruments or even create special designs for Miss Bellyfoo.

Probafoo’s laboratory with all his equipment for his magical inventions and his ‘Old Book of Daba Diba Duba Land’, in which all the wonderful stories and memories of DDDL are written and stored.

Always a bit grubby and in a professor‘s jacket …

He speaks similar to an Indian who tries to speak English. Moreover, always a little panic in his voice, but still knowing what he is talking about and like someone who really cares.


Wobafoo is Dibafoo‘s often clumsy, but very loyal ‘dog’. He sleeps and eats most of the time, always wants to protect his friends from many dangerous situations (often quite involuntary). His greatest strength is his subtle sensitivity. With his huge snout, Wobafoo smells even the slightest scent.

King Danbofoo…

Danbofoo is the King of Daba Diba Duba Land. He is loved by his people for his generosity and dedication to music. Danbofoo lives for the big weekly concerts, which he organizes and conducts with inimitable passion. He lives in his own world, completely unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. Nobody really knows how he got into this position – but Bigfoo is said to have helped him, they say. Well, basically a 100% positive character. Scatterbrained, thinks he‘s the coolest and checks everything and somehow everything always works out, but he is in denial and doesn‘t admit it to himself. Maybe he‘s like Inspector Clousseau – funny and extroverted. He moves lanky and relaxed, like Chacha Binks from Star Wars.

Danbofoo has a conductor‘s baton.

Danbofoo has a costume like a conductor or king, only crazier. His belt displays a big ‘D’ in the middle, as a sign for Daba Diba Duba Land.

His voice sounds a bit like a Diva, very exaggerated and drowning out, sometimes feminine.

Queen Mellofoo…

With her sweet, loving voice, Queen Melofoo is the quintessential mother figure, doting over her daughter, Bellyfoo, warmly tolerating her absent-minded husband, King Danbofoo, and always looking out for her Dubayan subjects. Whereas King Danbofoo is merely a figure- head, Queen Melofoo is the true leader of Daba Diba Duba Land, loved and admired by her friends and feared by her enemies. Like a mother bear, she can be fierce and protective, especially when Mastermoll threatens her realm or family. Above all else, Queen Melofoo is dedicated to keeping Daba Diba Duba Land safe, happy and creative. Her strength is that she sees the good in everything and everyone, and helps others see it too. Her weakness is chocolate covered cherries.


Bigfoo is Daba Diba Duba Land‘s largest and only construction tycoon. Therefore, every construction order is assigned to him by the King. In addition, he is the King‘s investor and financial advisor who also manages the King‘s wealth. Bigfoo enjoys the usual privileges that come with his position, such as free parking, royal seats in the Arena at events and free food. He is the father of Dibadfoo.

Money transactions and a very sharp and clever mind.

Always dressed chic with jewelry.

He has a rather deep defined voice.


Mastermoll is the official master of ceremonies for the concerts in Daba Diba Duba Land. A typical English show master, loud and cheeky, with an endless repertoire to shudder at. What the inhabitants of Daba Diba Duba Land do not know is that Mastermoll used to love music and attended the best schools. However, he then he failed and many of his friends teased him, and since then he hates everything that has to do with music, even happiness. That is why he wants to take over the kingdom of Daba Diba Duba Land and have all the power… THE UNIVERSE. However, Daba Diba Duba Land needs music to survive, so the energy crystal can recharge itself and the universe, which is inside the crystal ball. Mastermoll tries out all his powers and gets help from different characters, who appear in some stories, to sabotage the whole thing.

The Dabamolls and B-moll as accomplices. His dungeon-like cave with some refinements. Many broken instruments, nitro energy with a poisonous green river, a very hard to reach empirial underground.

Very noble, like a Lord from England.

An Oxford-, almost Posh-style English, as only a blue blooded nobleman would speak.


Don’t be fooled by his nice, friendly, innocent and baby-like appearance! B-moll is Mastermoll‘s accomplice and right hand, so he is evil through and through. He is a grown man trapped inside a baby‘s body and is a sly and devious villain, who helps his ‘Boss’ Mastermoll mastermind and carry out their evil plans.

He has a special and versatile cane that can jump, see and speak. The cane has a built-in super-chip, which has a speech function similar to Apple‘s (Siri).

A romper suit with tie and a hat like JR Ewing from Dallas.

A deep and scratchy voice with an evil, mean and mischievous laugh.


Although the Dabamolls are shaped like tuning forks, this little band of evil minions is „not on the scale”, musically speaking. They are Mastermoll‘s evil helpers, who immediately carry out their master’s every commands. They are small evil, brainless tuning forks, who often have to endure Mastermoll‘s violent outbursts of rage. Their character is like the Marx Brothers.

They only have their two forks on their head as tools.

Made of different colored somewhat chrome metal. Red, yellow and green.

They cannot speak, but only babble… according to the current emotion and situation.


She is an unusually attractive witch with two different colored eyes. One green and the other blue. She is a very old friend of Mastermoll, who owns one of the four magic amulets. Mastermoll is the only one who knows where the others are and doesn’t tell her, because Molly also wants to have all the power and therefore needs all four amulets. She lives deep in the forest in a deserted castle like in „The Adams Family“.

She has the magic power of a witch and can transform into different people to deceive others.

She wears a floor-length black and red dress robe and a golden shoulder part, which can become a headdress hood from the neck part. In the middle of her robe, just above the chest, the amulets she needs from Mastermoll are missing.

A very pleasant, noble and sophisticated voice.


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