Our main Character Miss Bellyfoo I good guys

Miss Bellyfoo’s story is kind of a mystery. Nobody knows for sure how she came to be in Daba Diba Duba Land
(or at least not yet). What we do know is that as a child she lived in the ‘real world’. She is the only one in the
kingdom that has the ability to travel between Daba Diba Duba Land and earth. She also has the unique gift for
spotting the talented prodigy kids needed to help maintain harmony and stability in this magical land. Miss Bellyfoo
and Probafoo have a unique relationship: the professor has been her mentor from the start, encouraging her l
ove of music, singing and dancing. Miss Bellyfoo’s mission is to help keep Daba Diba Duba Land the happy and
environmentally sound magical place it is, with the help of her young friends. Her ‘secret’ nemesis is Mastermoll
with his minions, who deviously only plot evil.

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